Director’s Update – March 2022

Dear Wabun Family,

One hundred days from today, at about this time, campers will be sitting with sectionmates aboard the barge to camp. The bright sparkle of sunlight will dance across the water. The air will be scented with spruce and cedar. Just around the corner, the Wabun dock will be filled with staff eager to offer cheers of welcome.

As the barge pulls up to the beach a flurry of hugs and handshakes will commence and campers, new and returning alike, will be scooped up by staff amid shouts and stories to drop off bags in cabins and find their spots on the broad pine benches of the dining room. The din of pre-dinner chatter will give way to complete silence at the clink of a spoon against the side of a mug. Eyes will turn to the director’s table where I will be standing, filled with joyful anticipation of the incredible adventures that await the faces looking back at me. “Welcome,” I will say, and off we will go into the wonders of a Wabun summer.

This scene has played out for nine decades as a familiar ritual for returning campers and welcoming and warm a point of entry for new campers. We are eager to connect with families who might have a young person interested in spending a summer with us. Please spread the word that Wabun will be holding an in-person Open House in Columbus, Ohio, on April 10th, A virtual Open House on April 12th, and a virtual Open House on May 2nd. Registration information is available on our website. 


(she/her/hers – why is this important)

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