Wabun’s Location

Lake Temagami

Wabun’s base camp is located in the Temagami Region, approximately 300 miles north of Toronto, Ontario. World famous for its interconnected series of lakes and rivers, this area is ideal territory for canoe tripping. At the heart of this region is Lake Temagami, shaped like a five-pointed star and nearly 40 miles from one tip to another. Wabun is located on Garden Island, at the center of this lake, where the five arms meet. It is one of more than 1,500 islands within the boundaries of the lake with no development on shoreline beyond the town of Temagami, 18 miles away, allowed.

Temagami Region

Lake Temagami and the surrounding forest lie on the ancient rocks of the Canadian Shield whose geologic faulting has given rise to the principal lakes, rivers and hills of the area. The evidence for later glaciation is present Old growth white pineeverywhere in the form of polish and striations on the bedrock, eskers and moraine-like sand and grave deposits. The bitter-cold winters, combined with shallow soil depths, have given rise to extensive northern forest growths of towering pine and spruce, with occasional stretches of birch, poplar, maple and tamarack. Within the Temagami Region are some of the most significant areas of old-growth pine forest remaining in North America.

Base Camp on Garden Island

Located on Garden Island in the middle of Lake Temagami, Camp Wabun’s base camp is literally “Carved Out of the Wilderness.” Campers return to Wabun’s base camp between trips to re-outfit supplies for the next trip, do laundry, write letters home, and rest and relax with other sections.